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What Are Hearing Aid Accessories?

a pair of premium, silver hearing aids

Hearing aids are designed to be worn daily, which means that they require regular care and maintenance to ensure that they remain in working order in the long-term. In order to help ensure that your hearing aids continue to work well over time, utilizing several key accessories could be helpful. 

While some of the necessary accessories required to care for and clear hearing aids may be provided by your audiologist, others may need to be purchased yourself. Optional accessories will need to be purchased yourself, while essential accessories should be provided by your audiologist. However, should you lose an accessory – or it wears out – then you may need to replace it yourself. 

The question is, of course, what are the must-have hearing accessories for hearing aids? Below is a guide to all the essential hearing aid accessories that every hearing aid user should consider utilizing. 


All hearing aids require a source of power to function, and unless your hearing aids use a rechargeable battery, then you’re going to need to have a regular stock of hearing aid batteries on hand to replace old batteries with new ones as and when you need them. 

Most hearing aids use button batteries; they’re small, powerful and affordable to buy. It’s important to bear in mind that hearing aid batteries come in four different sizes, these are: 10, 312, 13 and 675. To find out which specific battery type your hearing aid uses, consult your audiologist. You can opt to sign up to monthly battery deliveries from online stores like Amazon, for instance. Or, your audiologist may run their own monthly battery plan that you can sign up for. 

It’s always a good idea to carry spare batteries with you when you’re out and about, so that should your batteries run out unexpectedly, you’re covered and can still hear properly. 

Cleaning tools 

Regular cleaning from your hearing care specialist is an important part of hearing aid care and maintenance, however, so is at-home, regular cleaning. If you want to ensure that your hearing aids remain in reliable working order, then you need to clean them on a regular basis. 

You can purchase a number of different hearing aid cleaning accessories, such as hearing aid cleaning brushes, for instance. There’s also the option of buying full hearing aid cleaning kits that include a number of different cleaning tools.

Hearing aid dryer 

Another key hearing aid accessory is a hearing aid dryer – also known as a hearing aid dehumidifier – which can be useful for anyone who heavily perspires or for anyone who lives in a hot environment. For anyone who plays a lot of sports or exercises heavily, a hearing aid dryer can also be an important tool. 

A hearing aid dryer is able to draw out moisture overnight. What’s great about these accessories is that they tend to last well, making them a worthwhile investment to make. 

Bluetooth streaming devices 

Most hearing aids are now designed to be Bluetooth compatible. This makes it easy to connect wirelessly to a range of devices, from smartphones and mp4 players to televisions and sound systems. 

There are a wide range of Bluetooth streaming devices available for hearing aids, however it’s important to remember that not all devices will work with all hearing aids. That’s why it’s important to select a Bluetooth device that is designed to be compatible with the hearing aid in which you use. If you’re unsure, you can always discuss this with your audiologist. 

Assistive listening devices 

To help ensure that hearing aids offer the best sound quality in various environments, from classrooms and lecture halls to cinemas and music venues, assistive listening devices can be a worthwhile investment. While some assistive listening devices are designed to work with home phone systems, for instance, others are designed to work well in loud venues, such as at music concerts. 

Carrying case

For anyone who likes to swim or take part in other outdoor activities that require the removal of a hearing aid, having a carrying case on hand to place removed hearing aids in is important. Otherwise, your hearing aids could end up getting damaged or broken and could require replacing. 


In addition to practical accessories, you can also get a number of fashion accessories for hearing aids. These are designed to help enhance the experience of wearing a hearing aid and are popular with children and younger hearing aid wearers. Hearing aid charms are a popular hearing aid decal that many younger hearing aid wearers choose to invest in. Schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists at Hear Here Audiology by calling today at 727-289-1212.