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About Us

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Our Mission:

At Hear Here Audiology, we strive to improve the lives of our patients. Our mission is to provide compassionate, trustworthy and ethical hearing health services. We do this by offering the highest degree of expertise and embracing state of the art technology. We want to ensure that our patients receive the best care and assist them along their hearing journey. We are committed to helping our patient’s enjoy life’s conversations.

Our Values:

We value every patient and your care is at our utmost importance. Our goal is to provide more than just great hearing. We strive to improve your quality of life by giving you the control to actively engage in areas of your life again. We strive to make that difference by communicating effectively, embracing respect and compassion, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, being honest and genuine, and guiding you through your own individual hearing journey.

Our History:

Dr. Mary Burton and Dr. Alina Linthicum met in 2013 while working for a local Ear, Nose and Throat practice. Dr. Burton had just moved back to town from Kentucky where she was the Director of Audiology at Heuser Hearing Institute and Dr. Linthicum was working as an audiology assistant at the time while completing her Doctorate of Audiology degree at USF Tampa. Alina then completed her 4th year externship with Dr. Burton in 2015. They quickly created a strong working foundation and shared common core values for patient care. In 2017, the ENT practice changed ownership and Mary and Alina decided it was the right time for them to begin their own venture.

Hear Here Audiology opened in July 2017 with the Pasadena location.  Nicky Moore joined their team as the Patient Care Coordinator. Since then they have worked to create a modern audiology practice committed to meeting the needs of those who have hearing deficits in the St. Petersburg and Beaches area. In late 2019, Athena Burton joined their team as a Patient Care Coordinator.

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