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Why Us

We are aware of the countless advertisements out there trying to get you in their doors.

So Why Choose Us?

Award winning Hear Here Audiology is considered the Best Hearing Care Practice of Tampa bay as evidenced by Recipient of Tampa Bay Times People’s Choice Award “Best of the Best 2019 & 2020” and Recipient of St. Petersburg Times People’s Choice Award “Best of the Bay 2018”.

Your journey to better hearing is very important to us. No one person or hearing loss is the same and therefore, should not be treated the same. We provide patient-centered care and emphasize that hearing goes beyond the technology.

The hearing aid itself does play an important role in your journey, however, the technology is only part of the puzzle of achieving better hearing.

A positive outcome when visiting any healthcare professional is highly dependent on the judgement and skill of that professional. We are proficient with technology from all major manufacturers, apply evidence-based practice in our assessments & procedures, and value patient feedback in our adjustments.

Mary Alina Why Us

Hearing aids don’t work like eyeglasses. Typically, routine follow up visits are scheduled to maximize technology and apply real-world adjustments based on how you have been performing in YOUR daily life. Hearing aids always sound the best in the office, but you need them to work the best for your lifestyle. Minimally, quarterly maintenance appointments are critical to maintain optimal performance and increase longevity of electronic devices.  Annual hearing exams and re-programming ensure that your hearing aids are always operating for your current auditory function.

As much as we are creatures of habit, life may throw changes our way. Whether that be a new frequented restaurant, new TV, change in job, or most recent, a global pandemic which affected everyone’s daily routines. While some hearing aids are designed to automatically adjust to changes in acoustics, other devices may need more manual adjustments to optimize performance. This may mean appointments prior to routine maintenance checks.

We make ourselves available for you. Hearing is essential and if you’re having an issue, we want to address it, and do so when you need it.

Over the course of the pandemic we have adapted our services to safely meet our patient’s needs. When businesses were shut down, we remained open. Nicky, our Patient Care Coordinator, offered to stay in the office and answer phone calls as well as be here for curbside services. We were prepared with fully stocked supplies (batteries, filters, domes, hearing aid cleaners) for all hearing aid brands so that you could avoid super markets and safely purchase your hearing aid supplies. Athena took the time to call every patient and check in on them during the time of quarantine to make sure they were doing okay. Dr. Burton and Dr. Linthicum organized home visits, and drive-way hearing aid programming appointments. As a team we did our best to keep our patients and staff, safe, healthy and hearing. We are committed to being there to support our patients no matter what happens in the world. Your hearing is important to us! 

We are good people with big hearts who sincerely want to help our community enjoy the life they have through improving their communication. We genuinely love what we do and we are honored to be considered the Best Hearing Care Providers of Tampa Bay.