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What great service. Here Here Audiology is the best!!

David L.

My ninety-nine year old mother has been cared for by Dr. Burton for the past several years. I have the greatest regard for Dr. Burton and her staff. All are kind, patient and considerate of individual needs. To anyone with hearing problems, I highly recommend Dr. Burton and Hear Here Audiology.

Loren B.

I am totally blind as well as severely hearing impaired. Dr. Alina Linthicum has been extremely patient without patronizing. They have always given me as much time as I need without making me feel like we have to hurry up. The hearing aids they prescribed are of excellent quality. I have never heard better and that means so much to me.

Marta T

I absolutely love being able to hear my grandson now and spend quality time with him and the family. My new hearing aids work great!

Peter A.

I first went to Hear Here Audiology with my mother, at whom I’ve been nagging to get her hearing screened for years! Dr. Alina Linthicum was kind, helpful, and approachable. My mother gets extremely anxious about seeing doctors. She has a history of medical issues that makes her anxiety completely reasonable. Dr. Linthicum’s friendly demeanor made everything peaceful and relaxed. After my mother’s diagnosis of hearing loss and Dr. Linthicum’s helpfulness in having my mom fitted for hearing aids, I knew that I’d go directly to their office if I ever had the need.

After a few weeks of appointments with my mother, we did a hearing screening for me after a joking conversation about how I don’t hear everything that my husband seems to hear. Little did I know that I have moderate hearing loss as well! In less than a two month time frame, both my mother and I were fitted with phenomenal hearing aids that are extremely versatile, comfortable, and technologically advanced (Bluetooth compatible) by a compassionate and caring doctor and staff that genuinely wants to help people. I would recommend Dr. Linthicum and her partner to anyone. Anywhere. 

Catherine J.

I would recommend Hear Here Audiology for anybody with hearing loss to improve your quality of life ! They have been wonderful.

Tom M.

Hear Here Audiology has give me amazing results!

Steve M.

Hear Here Audiology was highly recommended to me by a doctor friend. They offer all of the major Hearing Aid brands. However, what sets them apart is their professionalism and customer service. They truly care of their clients and it shows. Another very satisfied client.

Vincent F.

I have been a patient at Hear Here Audiology since March, 2018. Both Dr. Mary Burton and Dr. Alina Linthicum have very impressive credentials which I researched before selecting a practice to diagnose and recommend appropriate action for my hearing loss. Dr. Burton gave me a thorough hearing exam and administered the appropriate tests to determine which hearing aids were the most suitable to my needs. She then provided extensive instruction for the use, care and cleaning of the selected aids. I receive ongoing check-ups and testing to assure that the recommended product is the perfect fit for my hearing needs. The Office Manager, Nicky Moore, is super and efficient and provides excellent support to the doctors. This practice is ***** in every respect.

Maggie M.

I had a wonderful experience at Hear Here Audiology. Drs. Burton and Linthicum are both very knowledgeable and caring audiologists. I’ve been wearing aids for over 40 years and recently received new Resound aids from Hear Here for both of my ears. This was one of my best experiences at an audiologist. Dr. Burton has been very thorough with explaining everything about the aids and making sure I am happy with the fit and the sound. I look forward to continuing working with them and recommend them highly.

Cathy S. 

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Burton since 2017. Our initial visit was very informative. After a thorough exam we decided on the perfect hearing aid for my needs., I have received excellent advise, minor adjustments as needed and regular hearing exams. Their courteous staff, top-of-the-line products and latest techniques make Hear Here Audiology professionals that I am proud to recommend!

Jessie D. 

I just love Hear Here Audiology, everyone is so helpful I can ‘t say enough how they are so understanding to my needs. I can hear so much better with my new aids. Thank you Dr. Alina Linthicum.

Diane R.

Politeness, clean, very knowledgeable, on time with appointments, works to help resolve hearing issue, much in line with finance charges. Highly recommended.

Mary. C

I was treated like royalty. Both Audiologists are professional and worked my case and found the right hearing aid (bluetooth capable) for me. The establishment is clean and from the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a friendly and professional tone which make you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Hear Here Audiology!

Robert L.

I consider excellent hearing to be a primary contributor to wellness at my advanced age. It’s hard to imagine a professional organization more dedicated to my personal health than Mary Burton and her associates. I’ve been in Dr. Mary’s care for over three years and she’s seen to it that the quality of my hearing is maintained at the highest level possible. I actually look forward to my quarterly visits — and happily travel half an hour to get there. I just wish that those I play golf with and socialize with at our condo were more aware of what they are missing by not having their hearing evaluated. Thanks, Dr. Mary and our best wishes for future success in your new offices.

Mike R.

Yes, I was not happy about having to go here for a hearing test. As I am sure many of you are also procrastinating about this “to do”. So let me allay your fears. Dr. Linthicum (& staff) make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in. She has that way of just making you relax. And no matter the question, discussion, concern, she just calmly answers it for you. No matter what type of device you may need this practice can help. I was a 100% “I am NOT getting hearing aids….no way, no how” I am now a HUGE believer and will always thank Dr Linthicum who put me at ease and now I am hearing what I have been missing. Thank you!!! #whodathunk

Larry B.