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The Unique ‘Hear Here Audiology’ 30-Step Assessment and Fitting Process

  1. Style Recommendation
  2. Technology Assessment
  3. Initial Tinnitus Counseling (If Applicable)
  4. Initial Sizing
  5. Realistic Expectations Counseling based on technology level
  6. Cognitive Screening
  7. Initial Fitting and Orientation Appointment
  8. Sizing Confirmation for Comfort and Proper Fit
  9. Feedback Management
  10. Own Voice Assessment
  11. Initial Real-Ear Measurements and/or Live Speech Mapping
  12. Insertion and Battery/Charger Instruction
  13. Initial Expectations Counseling
  14. Communication Strategies Counseling
  15. 1st Follow-up Care Appointment 1-2 Weeks Post Initial Fitting
  16. Additional Tinnitus Counseling and Management (If Applicable)
  17. First Follow-up Care Appointment to adjust Sound Adaptation and Preferred Sound Quality Adjustment
  18. Insertion Verification
  19. Feedback Re-Assessment
  20. Bluetooth Device Set-Up and Counseling
  21. Speech Rehabilitation Assessment
  22. 2nd Follow-up Care Appointment in 2 – 3 weeks Post Initial Fitting for Continual Sound Adaptation
  23. Follow-Up Real-Ear Verification and/or Live Speech Mapping
  24. Bluetooth and/or Wireless Accessory Continued Education and Support
  25. 3rd Follow-up Care Appointment in 3 – 4 weeks Post Initial Fitting for Continual Sound Adaptations
  26. Teach Cleaning and Maintenance required between in office visits
  27. Soundfield Aided Testing
  28. One Month Follow-up to assure aids are performing optimally
  29. Continued Care and Support with In-Office or Remote Consultations
  30. Maintenance Plan Determination which is typically 4-month follow-up checks to assess performance
  31. Annual Calibration Review and Continued Communication Needs Assessment