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Nicky Moore : Patient Care Coordinator

Nicky Moore

Patient Care Coordinator


My position here at Hear Here Audiology is a Patient Care Coordinator. I manage the front office with the schedule to ensure efficient patient care. I started working here on the first day the office opened in July 2017. My previous work history of 22 years, has been in the electronic component manufacturing industry in sales and purchasing. Now in the medical field I find it to be very interesting and enjoyable.

I was born in Ireland and raised in England. I went to school and college In England and have a Business Studies diploma. I moved to the USA in 1991 and have lived here ever since. Some say I still have my English accent but those who know me are used to my funny English sayings! I call St Petersburg my home and have one son named Jacob. My family is mostly in Europe. The majority of them are in Ireland but also Spain, England and France. This makes for a fun enjoyable vacation visit and I try to go back each year to see them all. I love my job and feel very fortunate to be here working here and living in this paradise called Florida.

Athena O’Connor : Patient Care Coordinator

Athena O’Connor

Patient Care Coordinator


I grew up in Saint Petersburg, Florida but moved to Louisville, KY when I was 10. It wasn’t love at first sight but it quickly became home when I started school and met the friends I still have today. When I was about 14, I began participating in service work at my mother’s non- profit school and office, to help out. I found a love for helping the less fortunate as much as I could. As I got older, I worked at her practice and learned many things about patience and patient care. While in KY I earned a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Louisville.

My parents moved back to Florida for family as soon as I was out of college, but I stayed for friends and work. I managed a bar for a few years until late 2017 when I moved back to Florida to be with my parents and little brothers. I would help fill in at Hear Here Audiology for Nicky when she was out of the office, but always wanted to do more. In 2019, I joined the Hear Here team officially and I love what I do and enjoy meeting and helping new people every day.