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smiling patient during hearing test

Why Your Mood Can be Improved by Having Your Hearing Checked

Hearing loss is a fairly common issue in the US, with research indicating that one in eight people aged at least 12 years has hearing loss in both ears. If you experience hearing loss, you can readily rely on hearing aids and other assistive listening devices prescribed by a trusted audiologist to enhance your hearing. […]

patient in hearing clinic for diagnostic evaluation

How Does An Audiologist Conduct A Hearing Test?

The American population has 37.5 million adults with varying degrees of hearing loss. In addition to that, not all of them have seen an audiologist or ever had a hearing test done. The truth, however, is, the earlier diagnosis you get, the better quality of life you will have. Therefore, if you finally decide to […]

woman smiling during hearing examination with professional

Early Hearing Testing: Why It Matters

Hearing loss is a gradual process with signs and symptoms. Apart from its impact on your hearing ability, hearing loss may trigger other conditions. This is why you need an early hearing test to determine your ear health. An early hearing test is necessary for many reasons, some of which will be discussed in this […]

hearing specialist administering a pediatric hearing examination

Top FAQs About Hearing Tests

Your hearing is one of the most important senses you have, giving you the ability to respond to the sounds that occur around you. Hearing loss is incredibly common, with nearly one in eight people in the US living with this condition and this means that there is a lot of treatment and test options […]

a professional audiologist is reviewing the results of her patient's audiogram

What is a Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation?

The most important thing to remember when preparing for a diagnostic hearing evaluation or a hearing test is that not every hearing assessment is the same. Each diagnostic hearing evaluation comprises a full assessment of your ability to hear as well as your speech understanding but they also look at your inner ear, middle ear […]