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Top FAQs About Hearing Tests

hearing specialist administering a pediatric hearing examination

Your hearing is one of the most important senses you have, giving you the ability to respond to the sounds that occur around you. Hearing loss is incredibly common, with nearly one in eight people in the US living with this condition and this means that there is a lot of treatment and test options available to help with it. To give you a good idea of what to expect from your next hearing test, this article will be exploring some of the most common questions an audiologist will be asked before people go through them. 

How long do hearing tests take?

The modern tools used by audiologists have made it possible to greatly reduce the length of hearing tests. The testing portion of an appointment like this will usually last for around half an hour, but you will also need to talk to your audiologist about the results. This means that most hearing test appointments will last for around an hour, making it worth giving yourself an hour and a half to be safe.

How should I prepare for a hearing test?

Most of the work that goes into a hearing test is done by your audiologist, and this means that you can simply book your appointment, turn up and have your ears tested without having to do anything else. Some people choose to clean the inside of their ears of wax before they visit their audiologist, though you should only do this if you know what you are doing.

When will I get the results of a hearing test?

Thanks to the modern technology used by audiologists, you are able to get the results of your hearing test right away. You will have the chance to talk to your audiologist about the results during your appointment and may even be able to discuss potential treatments for any hearing loss you have. In some cases, your audiologist may need some time to assess your results, and this may mean that you don’t get to talk about them right away.

Is a hearing test uncomfortable?

People often worry that their hearing test will be uncomfortable. Thankfully, though, modern audiologists have the tools required to make this process as noninvasive as possible. The main tests that are performed will involve responding to questions, though your audiologist will almost certainly want to look inside your ears, too. This type of appointment is completely painless and even young children will be happy to go through them without much trouble.

Can I choose my treatment?

Audiologists have a huge amount of treatment options available to them when they are dealing with hearing loss. They will always offer advice and give suggestions to help you to choose the best options for you, but you will still have the ultimate say in the treatment that you use. No good audiologist will allow you to use a treatment that will be ineffective or unnecessary and you can rest assured that the suggestions you are given will work for you.

Are all hearing aids ugly?

When most people think about hearing aids, they will get a vision of the old-style options that people used to use. Even the largest of modern hearing aids are very discrete, making it easy to feel confident when you are wearing them. Modern hearing aids come in a variety of styles, and you can find a breakdown of these below:

  • In the ear (ITE): ITE hearing aids sit entirely inside your ear, making them hard to see and easy to wear. Hearing aids like this will need to be custom-fitted to make sure that they work inside your ear.
  • Behind the ear (BTE): BTE hearing aids sit behind your ears, often with tubes or other discrete fittings being used to get sound into your ear. Hearing aids like this tend to be a good option for those on a budget.
  • In the canal (ITC): In the canal hearing aids can be completely invisible, though some models of this type of hearing aid will be partially visible. ITC hearing aids are known for being comfortable.

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