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Will Hearing Aids Help with Ringing in the Ears?

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Do you find yourself experiencing ringing in in the ears? This common problem, known as tinnitus, can often be helped with the use of hearing aids. However, is there any evidence or information that supports the use of hearing aids with tinnitus, and can hearing aids help with the ringing in the ears? This article will hopefully answer the questions for you and provide you with a little more information on how it can be useful. 

Hearing loss and tinnitus

Hearing loss is a common underlying symptom of tinnitus, although some people with normal hearing can also experience it. Loss of hearing is often a gradual process. Sometimes you may not even realize that you are losing your hearing as it can be a gradual process. Sometimes it can be assumed incorrectly that it is ringing in the ears that is causing the hearing difficulties rather than the person experiencing hearing loss generally. 

Hearing aids and tinnitus

For a lot of people, ringing in the ears can be related to sound deprivation hearing loss. The aim of fitting hearing aids to correct any such hearing loss possibility that this can help reduce the tinnitus that you might be experiencing. Wearing hearing aids throughout your waking hours can help you to gain the maximum benefit of this. 

Is there a positive effect on tinnitus by using hearing aids?

There have been studies that have looked at the effect of hearing aids on everyday life, for anyone experiencing a ringing in their ears and how hearing aids have helped to reduce this issue. There has been a strong connection with the use of hearing aids having a positive effect on tinnitus and people who are experiencing it. 

How can you obtain a hearing aid?

You may be wondering how you can obtain a hearing aid. There are a few different options that might be suitable, such as styles in the ear (ITE), behind the ear (BTE) and in the canal (ITC). Getting a hearing aid fitted could be one of the best things you do, not just for the hearing loss that you are experiencing but to also relieve the issues of ringing in the ears. You can speak with your local audiologist to arrange an appointment. They can examine your situation and discuss all the options that are available to you. Hearing aids may then be recommended and there might be future appointments and upkeep that you need to consider. Especially when it comes to servicing, maintenance and batteries. 

Problems with hearing aids

There is no denying that you may come across a few issues when it comes to general use of hearing aids. One of the most common things is the fact that hearing aids are susceptible to wax and moisture. Although some hearing aids will have a good level of perfection with them already. Hearing aids will need regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that they function correctly and that you get the most benefit out of then. Your audiologist will explain all of this at your appointment so that you know what to expect. Wax in your ear can be one of the most common and difficult things to overcome and while many of you will know not to use certain objects to remove wax, it can be a long-lasting issue. Speaking with your audiologist could help you come up with a solution to this so that your hearing aids will not be affected. 

A change in sound quality can also be caused through a build-up of wax in the hearing aid, or from damage to the aid. If you think your hearing aid may have a fault, contact the audiologist who supplied the aid.

Long term use of hearing aids

It usually takes just a few weeks to adapt to hearing aids and to get accustomed to normal levels of sound once more.  You will find that once this period of adjustment is over, wearing hearing aids becomes very natural to you and will become part of your life. Many people become less aware of their tinnitus once their hearing loss is addressed and they become more aware of the sounds around them. Helping you to enjoy your lifestyle and socialize once more. 

It is recommended that once hearing loss has been identified that a hearing test should be performed every three years. If you want to learn more about hearing aids, booking an audiologist appointment or even get some advice when it comes to ringing in the ears then you can get in touch with Hear Here Audiology today at 727-289-1212.