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COVID-19 Protocol

We at Hear Here Audiology want to ensure that we are doing our part in protecting our patients and our staff from the Coronavirus. In order to help our community, hear and communicate during this vital time, our clinic is currently taking the following measures:

Safety Procedures

All patients will now be pre-screened before scheduling an appointment.

Any patient that has a fever will be asked to reschedule their appointment once they are free and clear of all symptoms for at least 72 hours.

All patients and staff will be required to wear a mask while in the office.

In addition to the infection control protocols we have always maintained; we will be doubling down on our cleaning and disinfectant routines between each patient.

We are staggering our schedules to minimize any interaction between you and other people.

Curbside Services

If you are not comfortable coming into the office, we are offering curbside services. You can stay in the comfort of your vehicle and we will come out to you and address your hearing aid needs, whether that be a cleaning, repair, or adjustment.

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Telehealth and Remote Programming

Telehealth is a way for us to communicate with you without you having to leave your home. If you have a computer or cell phone, we can connect through a quick link that we can send to your email.

Remote programming works through an app on your Android or iPhone for direct connected hearing aids. If you are experiencing difficulty hearing and need programming adjustments, for these types of hearing aids, that adjustment can be sent to the app for you.
****If you do not know if you have one of these types of hearing aids, either email or call and we will be happy to talk with you and let you know.

Community Support

In continuation of our love of supporting local, we are collecting donations to Pasadena Community Church Food Pantry. During this COVID pandemic, food banks are taking proactive steps to safely provide food and other resources to the community. They are currently asking for canned fruit, vegetables and meat.


When wearing a mask, don’t forget to check your hearing aids when putting the mask on and removing it. It will help to keep your hearing aids safe and avoid a lost device!

If your hearing instruments require batteries instead of featuring a rechargeable option, we recommend forgoing a visit to the grocery store or supermarket. We carry all sizes of hearing aid batteries at market rate, so you can purchase your batteries from our clean, safe office with minimal exposure to the outside world.

We understand everyone’s lifestyle has changed a bit during this time. If you’re experiencing difficulty hearing please give our office a call so we can help.  In addition to hearing aids, there are also a number of hearing aid accessories (TV streamers, remote microphones) that may be beneficial during this time. Call us to learn more 727-289-1212.