Hearing Aid Levels

Hearing Aid Levels

Hearing aids can greatly improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss as well as their family, friends, and associates. Once corrected, patients with hearing loss can more effectively engage in conversations both professionally and socially. This greatly reduces the stresses a hearing loss causes. Research has shown that an untreated hearing impairment can result in withdrawal from social activities and cognitive decline. Use of a hearing aid also reduces the stress family and friends and coworkers experience.

Hearing aids come in four general technology levels: Premium, Advanced, Intermediate, and Essential. Selecting the proper hearing aid greatly depends on your lifestyle and, to a lesser degree, the actual loss. Are you active professionally and socially? What activities do you enjoy? Are you in challenging environments? We take this information along with evaluation results to guide you through the selection process to insure you get the hearing aid that best matches your needs and budget.  Hear Here Audiology will recommend the right level of hearing aid based on your hearing loss, listening environment and budget. 


Roy’s hearing loss is very modest, but he does enjoy going to ballgames, enjoys social engagements and is a professor at the University. His classes are sometimes held in wide open auditoriums, and at other times, in smaller classrooms. He needs a hearing aid that can help in a variety of sound environments. A Premium Level hearing aid would be best suited for Roy.


Joan is kept busy helping raise her two grandchildren. She spends most of her time getting her grand kids to and from their various activities. For her level of activity and noise exposure, an Advanced Level hearing aid would make the most sense.



Ben is a semi-retired accountant and over the last few years his hearing loss has become a distraction to him and his family. He remains active but doesn’t like crowds. He needs a hearing aid that he can rely on but isn’t called upon to manage ever changing sound environments. A Standard Level hearing aid is probably the best solution for Ben.



Paul is an avid reader and enjoys a quiet, stay-at-home life. His hearing loss is not severe and his environment does not require sophisticated technology. He also has a limited income. We may recommend a Basic Level Hearing Aid for Paul.

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